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Set-Point Control represents manufacturers that fall into two categories, Instrumentation & Controls and Process Equipment.

Instrumentation & Controls

Air Monitor Corporation Air Flow Measurement and Control Instrumentation. Mass Flow and Velocity Systems. Emission Rate Monitoring Systems. Ultra-Low Draft Range DP Transmitters.
CITECT Citect connects people, in business and industry, to real-time information in ways that improve business strategies and decisions.
We deliver high-quality, scalable, industrial automation and information management solutions worldwide that enable corporate, IT, plant, production managers, engineers and operators to make better decisions by automating and analyzing information throughout the enterprise, anytime, anywhere.
Entivity The leader in flowchart control logic gives you more power, more flexibility and more choices incorporating VisioŽ drawing technology for Control Logic & HMI with Entivity Studio.For the Fastest PC Control software for Machine Application use Steeplechase VLC. For simple PC Based Control Think & DoŽ Live! software.
FieldServer Technologies Protocol Translators for Modbus, BACNet, LonWorks, PROFIBUS, Metasys, ControlNet and a wide range of other protocols.
Flame Solutions Scalable, flexible, reliable and high-performance Flame Safeguard Software Solution for any Industrial or Commercial burner-boiler controller.
Industrial Video & Control Video Systems, distinguished by adding instant viewer controlled live views of anything, from any existing PC or SCADA Package.
ioSelect Intelligent connections for wireless radios and data links, I/O, signal conditioning, industrial networking, and data logging. Power supplies. E.Bloxx - high performance I/O for testing applications, ReFlexTM family of wireless I/O with 902-928 MHz FHSS and Kingfisher RTUs.
KESSLER ELLIS PRODUCTS MMI Operator Panels for PLC Interfaces. Full Line of High Speed Counters, Rate Monitors and Sensors. Loop-Powered Indicators. Flow Computers. Batch & Level Controllers.
NEMATRON Full Line of Industrial Flatscreen Computers, based on Intel processors. SCADA HMI and PC-based Control Software.
PEPPERL+FUCHS Leading provider of Intrinsically Safe Components, Purge/Pressurization Systems, Remote I/O, Surge Protection and Foundation FieldBus Interface Products.
Precision Digital Digital Panel and Field Meters. All types of inputs and a wide selection of displays, even in NEMA 4X and Explosion-Proof enclosures.
PRESO Flow Metering Equipment. Averaging Pitot Tube, Venturi and Segmented Wedge.
PYROMATION Thermocouples and RTD's. Temperature Transmitters, Indicators, and Pyrometers. Cerite Aluminum Industry Thermocouples.
SIERRA MONITOR Detectors for Combustible Gas, Toxic Gases and Oxygen Deficiency. Flame Detection.
SPARLING INSTRUMENTS Tigermag Magnetic Flowmeters for Industrial and Municipal Water, Wastewater, Sewage and Slurry Applications.  Ultrasonic, Propeller and a New Vortex Meter.
SPECTER INSTRUMENTS WIN-911 Software for Remote Alarm Notification. Now Shipping Version 7.10 with new features including Premium Voice and Runtime Dynamic Text-to-Speech. Also now available in Lite Mode for small applications.
SIXNET The Ultimate RTU Powered by Embedded Linux.  SiteTRAK Remote Site Manager with Data Logging.  Industrial Modular I/O, Ethernet Remote I/O, Switches and Gateways.  RS 485 Modbus Remote I/O.  Advanced Windows Software based upon open standards, OPC, DLL, DDE and IEC 61131 Open Control. ISaGraf has Powerful Debugging tools and allows on-the-fly program changes and includes a real-time simulator.  Rugged industrial telephone modems with self-dialing PLC features and RS 485 LAN connections.  UL-508 Packaged Systems.
Thompson Equipment Co (TECO) World's Leading re-manufacturing facility of Magnetic Flow Meters. Pulp & Paper Industry Instruments for Consistency, Freeness and Refiner Control. 

Process Equipment

CHEMAX Heat Transfer Cements and Pre-Formed Flexible CHEM-EZ for Straight Run Tubing Tracers.
POROUS MEDIA Microfiber Elements for all Housings. Air and Gas Coalescers. Beta 200 Media for Oil and Process Fluids. 
Schutte & Koerting Jet Ejectors for Pumping, Heating, Mixing, and Vacuum. Desuperheaters, Thermo-compressors, Wet Scrubbers. XO Turbine Flow Meters. NIST Traceable Flow Calibration Facility. 
Van Air Systems Compressed Air Dryers, Regenerative Dryers (Heatless, Internally Heated, Heated Purge and Blower Purge), Single Tower "Deli" Dryers (Deliquescent) and Refrigerated Dryers. Aftercoolers, Auto Drain Valves. Oil and Water Separators. Particulate and Coalescing Filters.
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